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August 19, 2007

Characters’ Shading

[singlepic=32,440,240,,] We’ve been really swamped with work so we haven’t been able to make any updates until today. This is a preview of the final shading for the main characters.
August 12, 2007

Roshank model

[singlepic=31,320,240,,] This is the main protagonist’s 3D model, Roshanak . She was done in Max by our director, Ali Chenari and imported into XSI using Crosswalk.
August 12, 2007

Mother model

[singlepic=30,320,240,,] This is Roshanak’s mother in 3D and she was created in XSI by Reza Ramezani
August 12, 2007

Father model

[singlepic=29,320,240,,] This is a model done by Mohammad Modaress in Max. It was imported into XSI using Crosswalk 2.0. We couldn’t import using .obj format because it automatically turned some polygons into triangles and four-sided polys, but using Crosswalk solved this problem. Another problem we faced with crosswalk was that some of the objects would move in space even if we froze their histories before the import process. Maybe this has been solved in newer […]
August 12, 2007

software used

We used different software for different parts of our pipeline but “{en:Softimage XSI}” was chosen as our final repository and rendering package. For the modeling process, “{en:3DSMax}”, “{en:ZBrush }, and “{en:XSI}” were used extensively. Most shading and texturing was done in Photoshop and Bodypaint for textures and XSI for the shading. Rigging and animation was all done, (and is still being done!) in XSI Lighting and rendering will also be done in XSI
August 12, 2007

another concept for fun

This is another one we wanted to put on the front page [singlepic=25,440,340,,]