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October 19, 2008

Hairy Gorilla

This character was also created by Reza Ramezani who did the modeling, hair and textures using Hamed Kamali’s concept designs. The modeling was done in XSI and ZBrush, texturing was also done in ZBrush We are currently working on the shading in order to fine-tune some small issues and in the near future we will possible start rigging and animating this lovely gorilla, so stay tuned.
October 19, 2008

Hairy Furry Animals

We are currently planning the production of our next short movie called “Kadoo” (Kadoo Ghelgheleh Zan) which is a childrens story based on Persian folklore. This film will contain a lot of hairy animals, forests and vegetation and we are currently doing some tests to avoid any issues when production starts. These are some character concepts created by Hamed Kamali which turned out exactly the way we wanted them to and somehow even exceeded our […]
October 19, 2008

New XSI training from 3DQuakers

Charbel Koueik and his site 3DQuakers have finally released some new training titles for XSI. The first one is called Technical Director Training, Vol 1 and it is mostly a scripting tutorial focusing on using Expressions, Scripted Operators and even Plugin development. Another very important topic is the comprehension and use of vectors which I think is a must to understand for anyone striving to become a technical director.
May 7, 2008

Pipe Smoke Simulation

In this short post I am going to talk about how we used and integrated built-in XSI particle system to make smoke simulation for our pipe smoker character in Vishka Studio’s current short animated movie Baran. Please notice that I’m not going to talk about dynamics here, I just want to talk about the look of smoke simulation here.
April 4, 2008

Earth, Wind and Fire?!?!

When this project started out we knew that based on the story we had we would have to create a few effects but the further we went into the production, the more we came across scenes that needed some kind of simulation. The first obvious ones, not surprisingly, were the rain effects (the movie IS called “Rain”!) but even these were not as obvious as we initially thought.
April 3, 2008

Field of flowers problem

We are currently working on a scene which will contains a large field of flowers and vegetation. Currently our effects expert, Adib Souly is working and testing different scenarios in Softimage XSI. You can see a simple concept we did (this was done in a rush by Faraz Shanyar) that was done to help us envision the density and distribution of the vegetation we would need. But the problem was much thornier than we expected […]