August 19, 2007


[singlepic=36,440,240,,] Our rigs were extensively based on rig tutorials we had obtained from 3D Tutorial and 3DQuakers. Adam Sale’s rigging tutorials are truly excellent and give […]
August 19, 2007

Characters’ Shading

[singlepic=32,440,240,,] We’ve been really swamped with work so we haven’t been able to make any updates until today. This is a preview of the final shading […]
August 12, 2007

Roshank model

[singlepic=31,320,240,,] This is the main protagonist’s 3D model, Roshanak . She was done in Max by our director, Ali Chenari and imported into XSI using Crosswalk.
August 12, 2007

Mother model

[singlepic=30,320,240,,] This is Roshanak’s mother in 3D and she was created in XSI by Reza Ramezani
August 12, 2007

Father model

[singlepic=29,320,240,,] This is a model done by Mohammad Modaress in Max. It was imported into XSI using Crosswalk 2.0. We couldn’t import using .obj format because […]
August 12, 2007

software used

We used different software for different parts of our pipeline but “{en:Softimage XSI}” was chosen as our final repository and rendering package. For the modeling process, […]
August 12, 2007

another concept for fun

This is another one we wanted to put on the front page [singlepic=25,440,340,,]
August 12, 2007

Environment Concepts

[singlepic=20,320,240,,right] Our environment concepts were done by Soheil Danesh who did a great job of illustrating what our final output should eventually strive to become. He […]
August 9, 2007

Layout upgrades

We have finally decided to go with a darker theme done by Dean J. Robinson called “Redoable”. It is an excellent K2 compatible Mod which is […]