August 6, 2007

Other Characters

Some of our secondary characters were done by Alireza Nassr. The large images can be seen in the Character Concepts gallery. [singlepic=5,80,80,,][singlepic=6,80,80,,][singlepic=2,80,80,,]
August 6, 2007

Roshanak’s Parents

These are some of the other main characters: Roshanak’s mother and father [singlepic=3,220,220,,][singlepic=4,240,240,,] [singlepic=7,240,240,,]
August 6, 2007


Some of you may wonder why we have huge watermarks on every image. I assure you we preferred not to have them but due to copyright […]
August 6, 2007

Roshanak Concept Edit

[singlepic=16,320,240,,]Later, we decided that Roshanak’s color palette needed a few touch ups and the decoration on her hair would be too obtrusive in the shots, so […]
August 6, 2007

Roshanak Concept

[singlepic=8,320,240,,] This is the protagonist of our story, Roshanak. She is a 7 year old girl whose curiosity and sense of adventure opens up her world […]
August 4, 2007

Character concepts

We started out by working on our character concepts which were done by Hassan Tabrizi. He did a great job designing our characters and was a […]
August 4, 2007


This is the story of a small curious and brave girl called Roshanak who is perplexed by the fact that it only rains on one one […]
August 2, 2007

Baran Short Animation

This site has been published to share our work and experiences with others in the “{en:CG|CG}” community on our latest short movie called “Rain” (this is […]