Educational and entertaining digital products for children

High Quality Fresh Original Content

We produce animated movies, interactive apps, and casual games for a young audience and their families

Global Appeal

For international audiences.

Children share a common language that is visual in nature and we strive to find it and use it in our worlds. Almost getting there!

Production Quality

Technical and Artistic.

Storytelling is a vital part of our work but it needs to be secretly accompanied by art and technology.

Original Worlds

Remember Star Wars?

We love seeing minuscule worlds in closets, cute robots, ghouls, furry orange monsters and walking eyeballs.

Loveable Characters

Furry, slippery, ...

The stranger and more unique they are, the more we fall in love with them; so do the children!

Become Familiar with our Properties

Some of our Original Content

  • The Undertals

    The Undertals are peculiar, inquisitive, gluttonous and very funny creatures who come to an unknown island on a big leaf. They don't know who they are and don't know where they are coming from.
  • Persian Warriors

    The Persian Warriors are five war-weary friends who are returning to their village after years of fighting. When they get home they see that their villages have been plundered by an evil emperor who is ruling the lands. They are forced to secretly wage a guerrilla war on the emperor to obtain what they have lost: their dignity, freedom and their lives.
  • Baran Short Film

    A short romantic film about Roshanak, an intelligent and curious girl who discovers, to her surprise, that she lives in a flower.