The Undertals

Persian Warriors
January 25, 2012
Paper City Trilogy Episode 1
February 4, 2015


The Undertals are peculiar, inquisitive, gluttonous and very funny creatures who come to an unknown island on a big leaf. They don't know who they are and don't know where they are coming from. 

One thing they know is that they are always hungry and curious to learn all about their surroundings. They get into all sorts of dangerous but hilarious situations, such as when they examine the crocodile's mouth, swim with the neighborhood shark or try to figure out what the elephant's trunk is used for, but in the end they come home safe, having learned a valuable lesson; and the strange flower on their head eventually comes to their rescue....

Project Details

  • Client: Vishka Studio
  • Format: Broadcast HD
  • Status: Ready for production
  • Duration: 52 x 11" planned
  • Audience:  Kids - 5 to 8

Project Progress

  • Pre-Production100%
  • Production20%
  • Stories and Scripts20%

Still Images from the series

See how the Undertals are brought to the island

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Meet The

Main Characters


The Smart One: Asli

The leader of the pack, Asli is a bit smarter and more dynamic than the rest of the group. The flower on his head is bigger than those on the other Undertals’ heads and when danger strikes he is the first to try and save his friends.

The Greedy One: Topol

Topol is the most caring and affectionate of them all but behind this sweetness he has the strength of an ox! His love for food and colorful fruits sometimes confuse him and he gets regularly lost in the jungle when searching for food.

The Twins

The Dogholoos are very naughty and fast-paced twins who are always playing tricks on the rest of their crowd. The fact that they are so identical helps them when they need to confuse the animals on the island or play a trick on their friends.

The Carefree One: Mooboland

The silent and relaxed Undertal, he is the last one anyone would think could get the group in trouble but he can at times have very strange reactions. He seems utterly inconspicuous until we notice the mischief and distress he has been causing in silence!

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