October 20, 2008

Flash UIs for XSI

We were recently working on a feather system for an owl character and we were bumping into all sorts of problems. We are still bumping into those problems and the issue isn't solved yet but that is the subject of another post. ;-)
May 7, 2008

Pipe Smoke Simulation

In this short post I am going to talk about how we used and integrated built-in XSI particle system to make smoke simulation for our pipe smoker character in Vishka Studio’s current short animated movie Baran. Please notice that I’m not going to talk about dynamics here, I just want to talk about the look of smoke simulation here.
August 19, 2007

rigging woes!

[singlepic=38,440,240,,] Roshanak’s hair really gave us problems until at the end we used tails for their animation. I found a post on XSIBase that helped me overcome the issue.
August 12, 2007

Mother model

[singlepic=30,320,240,,] This is Roshanak’s mother in 3D and she was created in XSI by Reza Ramezani